Litecoins Blog New Secure Internet created by Bitcoins

New Secure Internet created by Bitcoins

How would you like an internet that is safe from hackers and government agencies snooping? Well it appears that a company by the name of Maidsafe based in Scotland are bringing this idea into reality. The network goes by the name of Maidsafe SAFE network.

With this network personal data is never stored on servers in data centers like mainstream companies. Personal data is encrypted and stored across many personal computers that are connected to the network.

The network was funded by selling the companies software called Safecoins.Payments were accepted in Bitcoin or Mastercoin. Within 5 hours they had sold of 6 million dollars worth of safecoins. This shows how much support there is for this cutting edge network.

I fully support this new network to make the internet a safer place.

You can read more about this story here

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