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MaxCoin Debut – Possibly the Worst Launch Ever 1

Last night I was keeping an eye on the Max Keiser inspired ALT Coin going by the name of MaxCoin. The launch last night had already been postponed by 24 hours after technical difficulties with websites crashing under heavy loads. I have to say that this has to be the worst launch ever.

The first issue was that they informed miners that there were bugs with the QT GUI based wallet so this would not be available for launch. Miners were eventually provided with command line wallets. As I was primarily interested in Linux I pulled the files down from GitHub when the launch was announced however the binaries wouldn’t run. So I figured I would just compile from source. But then I hit further issues. The source code had several bugs that meant I couldn’t compile the daemon. After 3 hours I noticed that GitHub had been updated and there were some new Linux binaries. After pulling down the files again I finally had a binary file that worked under Linux.

Considering this coin had already delayed their launch date by 24 hours I think its disappointing that they couldn’t of tested their software prior to launch. If they cant get it right at launch then it doesn’t inspire me with much confidence for future bug fixes and enhancements. Please beta test your software before you release to customers. This software is almost as bad as Microsoft. Who knows how long before a GUI based wallet is available. Anyway I’m sure with the media attention surrounding MaxCoin it will flourish. It has left a very bad taste in my mouth though so wont be taking it too seriously.


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  1. Reply Mark B Feb 7,2014 1:41 pm

    Really given the claim of a fair release. Here are my thoughts !

    1. The linux code did not compile at first release
    2. The mac client did not connect until the additional nodes were added
    3. The windows wallet was command line only and no QT, the miner did not have instructions and there was no pool up and running anyway so solo mining only.

    With all of that in mind, reverse the block chain, there were miners running on it before anyone could conceivably have been mining after the information and bug fixes went onto github ?

    Still telling me it was a fair non pre-mine ? not buying it Max.

    the Devs last release was a Morgan Freeman face swap app and in short its probably what he should stick to as this is worse than some of the amateur releases.

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