Litecoins Blog Leading CFD Company Plus500 launches Litecoin Daily CFD

Leading CFD Company Plus500 launches Litecoin Daily CFD

Plus500 the UK’s leading CFD company has today launched a Litecoin Daily CFD based on litecoin prices. This is great news for Litecoin. Now your regular trader can invest in Litecoins without the requirement to have a mining rig or having to buy from your regular cryptocurrency exchange sites.

You can view the Litecoins Daily CFD here:

Litecoin CFD

Litecoin Daily CFD

Plus500 is a leading provider of Contracts for Difference (CFD’s), delivering trading facilities on shares, forex, commodities and indices, alongside innovative trading technology.  Following this announcement I see that Litecoin prices have risen over 14% today. To have a mainstream company like this launch an LTC CFD it proves that Litecoin is being taken seriously. I doubt we will see CFDs for some of the less popular pump and dump alt coins. Another great day for Litecoin folks.

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