Litecoins Blog Installing Radeon R9 290 GPU Drivers in Xubuntu 64bit

Installing Radeon R9 290 GPU Drivers in Xubuntu 64bit 26

Having just upgraded my drivers to support R9 290 GPU’s in Xubuntu I thought I would share with you guys how to upgrade your mining rigs to support these new cards.

To install the new drivers in Xubuntu (64bit) to support these cards you need to carry out the following commands:

Download the new drivers from AMD Website here.

sh ./”amd-catalyst-13.11-beta” –buildpkg Ubuntu/precise
sudo dpkg -i fglrx*.deb
sudo apt-get -f install
sudo dpkg -i fglrx*.deb
sudo aticonfig –lsa
sudo aticonfig –adapter=all –initial

If all went well at this point then reboot and check that you are seeing all your GPU cards again:

sudo aticonfig –adapter=all –odgt

You should now see all your R9 290 Cards so you are ready to start Mining.

26 thoughts on “Installing Radeon R9 290 GPU Drivers in Xubuntu 64bit

  1. Reply Doozii Dec 12,2013 1:47 pm

    Thank you for this! Only one note to newbies the options on the commands need double dashes on some systems such as sudo aticonfig –lsa and sudo aticonfig –adapter=all –initial

    **Also BEFORE running these steps, you will need to install the dependencies:

    for 32-bit:
    sudo apt-get install build-essential cdbs dh-make dkms execstack dh-modaliases linux-headers-generic fakeroot libqtgui4

    for 64-bit
    sudo apt-get install build-essential cdbs dh-make dkms execstack dh-modaliases linux-headers-generic fakeroot libqtgui4 lib32gcc1

    Otherwise these directions are perfect… works like a charm!
    Thanks again!

  2. Reply Andrew Dec 13,2013 1:04 am

    Hey, I really appriciate the time you took to put this together. However, when i run the second command line I get: sh: 0: Can’t open ./”amd-catalyst-13.11-beta

    Any ideas?

  3. Reply Rob Dec 21,2013 8:37 am

    Can you tell me which version of Ubuntu you are running to make these drivers work? For instance, AMD just came out with the non-Beta release, so I’ve downloaded that, have run through all the steps you mentioned above, but when I go and run the sudo aticonfig –adapter=all –odgt call, I get no adapters found.

  4. Reply Simon Dec 25,2013 9:41 pm

    Just a little typo, added a dash was missing:
    sh ./”amd-catalyst-13.11-beta” –-buildpkg Ubuntu/precise

  5. Reply mrv Jan 3,2014 6:16 pm

    Thanks for this article, was having trouble installing it with other tutorials but this one worked.

    to some of the people getting errors with first command I had to run it with sudo for it to work so you could try that also as.

  6. Reply DMC Jan 17,2014 5:23 am

    I’m running 13.10 Xubuntu and following the steps everything works up to the initial command but when I reboot and run the odgt it tells me “ERROR – OD Get Version Failed” I just reinstalled as after trying both 13.11 and 13.12 as I kept getting a can’t read temp error when running odgt, any ideas?

    • Reply Lite Coins Miner Jan 18,2014 4:25 am

      If you are not having any luck with 13.10, 13.11 or 13.12 why dont you try using Xubuntu 12.04 – 64 Bit. This is my preferred version of Xubuntu for Litecoin Mining.
      Also checking on google there is someone who had a similar issue. They appear to have resolved by running this command
      sudo apt-get install fglrx-control

      Also try
      sudo apt-get install fglrx-updates fglrx-amdcccle-updates fglrx-updates-dev

  7. Reply DMC Jan 17,2014 6:31 am

    Reinstalled with 12.10 to see if that made a difference and odgt command found the cards but back to the can’t read temp error……

    • Reply Lite Coins Miner Jan 18,2014 4:27 am

      Try this
      sudo apt-get install fglrx-control fglrx-updates fglrx-amdcccle-updates fglrx-updates-dev

      Have you tried using Xubuntu 12.04 – 64 bit? This is my preferred OS version and all these commands have been tested on 12.04.

    • Reply Kevin Feb 27,2014 3:11 pm

      Hey DMC, did you have any luck figuring out the ERROR – OD Get Version Failed problem, I am on Ubuntu 12.04 with two R9 290x cards and keep getting the same error as well. And when I install my AMD Drivers, 13.12 I get errors during installation, I have heard it may be a problem with Ubuntu kernel updates but haven’t seen a solid fix yet.

  8. Reply kshi Jan 22,2014 5:36 am

    When I install the 13.11 beta drivers, cgminer just hangs whenever I run it. What gives?

  9. Reply EwC Jan 27,2014 8:57 pm

    Hi, I am currently running Xubuntu 12.04 with two R9 290. System is running great when both cards are in PCI-E slots next to each other (slot 1 & 2). When I try to run them in slot 1 & 3 to get better air flow my second card is not detected by cgminer. I tried to re-trigger “sudo aticonfig –adapter=all –initial” but it has no effect. Do you have any advice? Thanks.

    • Reply Lite Coins Miner Feb 5,2014 4:18 pm

      There shouldn’t be a reason why you cant run the cards across slot 1 & 3. What model of motherboard are you using? I have found some motherboards have issues especially once you go above 2 cards. Sometimes it can be hardware related rather than software. On my own systems the re-trigger command picks up the cards if I move them to different slots.

  10. Reply lyfe Jan 31,2014 9:19 pm

    I followed the same instructions, able to get 3 cards with powered risers on PCIe16x slot without any issue.

    However, when I plug in the 4th card via PCIe1x->16x powered riser, I’m presented with a blank/black screen after BIOS screen. I know Xubuntu is still running because I can xrdp to it and BIOS itself along with sudo aticonfig –lsa shows all 6 cards detected but cgminer -n hangs. Would anyone be able to shed some light on above?

    1. No display -> monitor from 4th card onwards, can’t execute “sudo aticonfig –adapter=all –odgt” on local X11 session.
    2. aticonfig lists all 6 cards but cgminer -n hangs

  11. Reply r109 Feb 1,2014 10:13 am

    Have you ran into any issues with having 3 or 4 GPU’s running?

    If I have 3, one of them won’t initialize but is seen with aticonfig –lsa and shows up in cgminer (but no temp and no hash rate. When I reset the GPU via cgminer it gives me an error intializing.

    I can run 2 GPU’s fine as I am now but the 3rd one won’t give me a break. Sometimes booting into xubuntu it will stay at a black screen for 2-3 minutes then the gui will load.

    Would love to know if you’ve seen similar issues. Thanks for this write up.

    • Reply Lite Coins Miner Feb 5,2014 4:29 pm

      I have seen issues when you go beyond 2 cards. Normally its down to the hardware (i.e the motherboard). There are some motherboards that fail to function once the 3rd GPU is installed. Always investigate and use a recommended Motherboard for bitcoin mining. I have had best results with AS Rock and Gigabyte Motherboards.
      A good place to ask for advice on your motherboard are the Litecoin forums.

  12. Reply Nick Feb 15,2014 6:11 pm

    Hello I tried following your instructions, but I am a bit hung up. I am usingtwo R9 270x graphics cards insteadof the 290, but I assumed the install would be the same. I made it through the first two lines of code that you said to run just fine, then when I tried to run the thrid line I got errors saying that there were unmet dependencies. So I tried running the line of code that Doozi said to and I got this, I am a total linux rookie and I don’t know what it means or what to do.

    • Reply Lite Coins Miner Feb 15,2014 8:45 pm

      Ok. I wrote this blog post when I was upgrading my drivers rather than a full installation. I had been running drivers for HD7950 cards so had to install these drivers when retailers only stocked the R9 Series. It sounds like you are installing from scratch so lets try a few things.

      I would suggest you try the following.

      sudo apt-get -f install

      sudo apt-get install fglrx-updates fglrx-amdcccle-updates fglrx-updates-dev
      sudo apt-get install libcurl4-openssl-dev libncurses5-dev pkg-config libtool yasm autogen automake

      Then run the below depending if you are running 32 bit or 64 bit

      If 32 Bit
      sudo apt-get install ia32-libs-multiarch:i386
      sudo apt-get install libgcc1 libc6-i386
      sudo apt-get install build-essential cdbs dh-make dkms execstack dh-modaliases fakeroot libqtgui4
      IF 64 Bit
      sudo apt-get install ia32-libs-multiarch:i386 lib32gcc1 libc6-i386
      sudo apt-get install ia32-libs

      Then try the commands again as follows:
      sudo dpkg -i fglrx*.deb
      sudo apt-get -f install
      sudo dpkg -i fglrx*.deb
      sudo aticonfig –lsa
      sudo aticonfig –adapter=all –initial

      Hope this helps.

  13. Reply IanV Feb 21,2014 9:58 pm

    Why don’t you just actually run the “amd-catalyst-13.11-beta” script?
    Worked for me.

  14. Reply PilotDave Mar 12,2014 7:44 pm

    I’m using Ubuntu 13.10 (require 12.10+ for Asus Z87-WS apparently) and 2 ATI R9 290s… Well, let me say I’m not “using” them, they are sitting on my mobo blowing air around. I have tried 5 different ways of installing these damn drivers and still cannot get them up. I am currently re-installing ubuntu 13.10 (downloaded xubuntu 13.10 and it says ubuntu on the thumb drive, I don’t really get that either lol)…. I am going to try this again, starting with Doozii’s post then going back to download the 13.12 driver (the new is 14.2 beta) and unzipping as you stated LiteCoinMiner. I REALLY want to get these things running properly so that BFGminer can find them to be used….

    • Reply Lite Coins Miner Mar 14,2014 9:55 pm

      PilotDave are you saying that your Motherboard won’t function with a lower version of Ubuntu? I have always stuck with Xubuntu 12.04 personally as I know this version of the OS is stable.
      Did you manage to get this working yet? Feel free to PM me and I’ll invite you into my Skype Group. We have a lot of experience as regards to mining.

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