Litecoins Blog Fiverr now Accepting Bitcoin Payments for Gigs

Fiverr now Accepting Bitcoin Payments for Gigs

Fiverr has announced today that they will start accepting Bitcoin payments for Gigs. We are now seeing a steady stream of companies starting to accept Bitcoin as payment for goods or services. The announcement was delivered today by email to their subscribers.

Starting today, you can purchase Gigs® on Fiverr® with Bitcoin!

Bitcoin represents the latest innovation in commerce, and we are excited to enable our community to take advantage of it.

To make this happen, Fiverr has partnered with Coinbase, a popular Bitcoin wallet, to give you the option of paying for Gigs with Bitcoins.

Earlier this month we also saw making the move to accept Bitcoins. For those that don’t know they are a large online IT retailer. I’ve been using them for years to purchase IT hardware. More and more companies are starting to accept Bitcoin and this make the currency even more established. I’m just waiting for the day that Starbucks, Ebay and Amazon start accepting Bitcoins. This day isn’t as far off as some of us may of thought.


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