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Doge Coin is Much Profitable 2

Doge coin has been profitable for many weeks now. There is a huge community behind the coin and I have to admit there could be potential for this coin despite being labeled a joke coin when it was launched. I also wanted to take this opportunity to show you this awesome Doge video on YouTube.


2 thoughts on “Doge Coin is Much Profitable

  1. Reply Howard Mar 10,2014 4:33 am

    Even post-halvening, Dogecoin is still very profitable. In fact, almost all of the Scrypt coins are only pennies apart in profitability which makes me wonder if it’s actually worth jumping around.

    • Reply Lite Coins Miner Mar 14,2014 9:57 pm

      Yes personally Howard I don’t have time to keep mining some of the worthless ALT coins then trading the coins back to LTC or BTC daily. I know there are higher profits but there is also a greater level of risk and you have to spend your day watching exchange ticker graphs.

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